Air Travel Serving the Osa Península

Commercial Schedules and Fares And Charter Rates


Welcome to the center of information for Air Travel to, from, and around the Osa!  We have all the information on all things flights Osa Peninsula .  We offer information on both charter and commercial flights to and around Osa.  Feel free to inquire about any routes not found on our site–Alfa Romeo Charter offers many route options not listed here and is willing to accommodate customized flight plans as well.  Alfa Romeo is also the only charter company that flies into Sirena, Corcovado.  For more information, feel free to contact us!






Ruta Rates
Pto Jiménez – Carate $185
Pto Jiménez – Sirena $390
Pto Jiménez – Golfito $185
Pto Jiménez – Drake $430
Pto Jiménez – Pal. Sur $450
Pto Jiménez – S. Vito $550
Pto Jiménez -Quepos $775
Pto Jiménez-P.Zeledón $675
Pto Jiménez – Tiskita $360
Pto Jiménez – Coco $900