One Day Corcovado Carate

Corcovado National Park is the crown jewel of the renowned Costa Rican National Park system.  The best way to see Corcovado is to spend a 2-3 day expedition inside the park.  But if you have just one day and want to see Corcovado, this tour provides 4-5 hours of time inside the park, enough to explore the area up to the Madrigal River area before having to return to be in time to catch the return transport at Carate at 4:00.  Expect to see monkeys, macaws, pelicans, coatimundis, and look out for peccaries along the way and try to spot tapirs at Madrigal.  Alternatives to this tour include charter flight into Carate and return by collective taxi (Add $175 total), travel by rental car (reduce $10 from the per person fee, but you secure and drive the rental car), and drive in and stay overnight in a Carate eco-lodge after the tour.  Reserve here now!

Price $85 per person (2-person min)
Location Corcovado National Park / La Leona
Departure 6:00 am Puerto Jimenez
Duration 10 hours
Includes Park entrance, naturalist bilingual guide


One Day Corcovado