SCUBA Diving Isla del Caño


Isla del Caño is 17 km from the Drake Bay coast town of Agujitas.  Isla del Caño is a national marine refuge that encompasses the island and surrounding waters.  Isla del Caño contains an unusually rich Pacific coralline framework that rings the small island and a unique intersection between typical coral habitat and adjacent pelagic environments, including prime humpback whale grounds.  Isla del Caño was an important funerary point in Amerindian antiquity, with an abundance of Diquis balls found on the island.  Explore it after lunch between snorkeling tours in the clear offshore waters.  Nurse sharks, grass and moray eels, parrot fish, Pacific reef fish, all in high visibility.  Tours are boat-based and include transport in a high speed skiff, two snorkel trips, and a lunch break on the island and hiking there.  Best if spending at least one night in the Drake area.


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