Corcovado One Day from Puerto Jimenez

Corcovado One Day from Puerto JimenezFrom Puerto Jimenez, it is a two hour drive to Carate and another 40 minute walk just to reach the park boundary.  Therefore a single day trip to Cocovado Park originating from Puerto Jimenez is mostly spent in transit with little time left for actual hiking and wildlife viewing.  For this reason, I recommend that people interested in seeing Corcovado but not wanting to spend the night in the park consider traveling and spending the night at least in Carate.  Despite the distance and circumstances, many people take single day Corcovado tours from Puerto Jimenez, and we provide this guided trip.  This page summarizes the options for a one-day guided expedition to the La Leona sector of Corcovado National Park, originating and terminating in Puerto Jimenez.

By Collective Taxi.  Twice-daily transport service between Puerto Jimenez and Carate is provided by the “colectivo,” which departs Jimenez at 6:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. daily, returning from Carate at 8:15 and 3:45 p.m.  The fee is $9 one-way, and the travel time is two hours barring break downs, flat tires, and high rivers.  It is still a forty minute hike from the Carate pulperia to the park boundary, so this alternative will provide about 3-4 hours of actual park time.  $ 90 per person based on double occupancy

By Rental Car.  A rental car provides the flexibility of establishing your own travel itinerary.  The drive between Puerto Jimenez and Carate is one of the most beautiful anywhere, and this is a great day excursion, considerably more comfortable than the colectivo.  Make sure to gas up on the way out of town as there are no service stations beyond Puerto Jimenez.  You may leave your rental car at the Carate Pulperia for a fee of $5 while you hike in the park.  A rental car is arguably the best way to get around Costa Rica, so those visiting the peninsula in a rental car should by all means consider driving to Carate just for the experience, even if you don’t intend to hike to the park.  For those already in Puerto Jimenez, Solid Car Rental has an office and fleet of vehicles in Puerto Jimenez, though it is best to reserve in advance to ensure availability, especially during the busy periods of December – April and July-August.  $105 per person based on double occupancy, does not include rental car fees or fuel.

By Plane.  It is an eight minute flight to Carate and only fifteen minutes to fly all the way into Sirena.  The charter rate with Alfa Romeo Aero TaxiCorcovado One Day from Puerto Jimenez from Jimenez to Sirena is $390, so to explore the Sirena area in a single day will necessarily require chartering the flight in the morning as well as the return in the afternoon.  Since flights are weather-dependent, this alternative may not be such a good idea in the rainy season months, since early afternoon returns are usually required due to building afternoon weather.  Another alternative is to fly into Carate ($185) and return on the afternoon collective taxi or in a private taxi contracted in advance to come and pick you up.  This option carries a custom price that can vary according to the availability of collective flights and on the party size.

For those interested in more information about a guided tour in Corcovado, you may fill out the questionnaire below or simply write me to specify details.

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Corcovado One Day from Puerto Jimenez

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