Golfo Dulce Boat Tour

The Golfo Dulce was famously misidentified by Jacques Cousteau as a “tropical fjord.”  Certainly the nearly vertical mountains rising on the northeastern shoreline is suggestive of the steepness of fjords, which be definition are glacial features.  However, the gulf is the tenth deepest gulf in the world and is habitat for a wealth of wildlife.  It is calving ground for the north and south Pacific humpback whale populations and boasts schools of whale sharks in April-May.  The protected gulf has a glassy smooth surface, ideal for swimming.  Several rivers drain into the gulf (giving it its name, “Fresh Water Gulf,”) so visibility is limited during periods of heavy rains but very high during December-April.  Cruise across to the Osa Wildlife Sanctuary and snorkel along the rocks.  Enjoy the picturesque Mogos area and motor up the Esquinas River mangroves at high tide.  Budget $25 per person extra to visit the Wildlife Sanctuary.

Price $55-75 pp, varying by tour company and group size
Location Golfo Dulce
Departure 7:00 am Puerto Jimenez pier or to be arranged
Duration 6 hours
Includes Fully equipped boat, safety and navigation equipment with top for shade, lunch, drinks, snorkel equipment, bilingual guide and captain, first mate