Sport Fishing

The cobalt waters five miles off the cape are the world’s hottest sailfish fishery.  The inshore Golfo Dulce is rip snorts roosterfish.  But count on dorado, marlin, yellowfin and wahoo offshore, and Rooster, snapper, jack, mackerel, pompano, grouper, barracuda and lots of others inshore.  Catch snook in the river mouths and estuaries.  Fish out of fully outfitted craft with crew or out of a kayak or from the shore.  Catch giant prawns at night in the mountain rivers.  We can set you up with any scale and type of fishing you want to do, inshore, offshore, estuarine, top-flight, kayak, shoreline, fly, handline, deep-sea rig, shrimp trap, night-time swordfishing.  Please name it and see if we can’t oblige you.  Want to fish around?   We can fish you out of not just Puerto Jimenez and locally but also:  Drake, Golfito, Zancudo, Ojochal, Quepos, and anywhere else in the country for that matter. just WRITE US TO TELL US WHAT YOU WANT TO DO!


 Sport Fishing INSHORE 

Costa Rica is known for its offshore fishing on both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, but many people don’t know that the country also offers some of the most exciting inshore fishing in the world. Inshore fishing in Costa Rica targets a variety of species of fish, such as the great rooster fish, cubera snapper, red snapper, and mackerel, that are plentiful just off the shorelines all year round. Inshore fishing requires less specialized equipment than offshore fishing, but can be just as challenging and exciting. at hot spots all along the coastline that are rife with a variety of species, including the great rooster fish, a favorite catch among anglers

 Sport Fishing OFFSHORE 

Offshore Sport Fishing: Fish the cobalt waters of the Pacific for sailfish, marlin, wahoo, tuna, and dorado. All outfitters have well-maintained fast vessels, full instrumentation, top grade gear, tackle, first mate, and seasoned captain. Full day trips start at $850 for up to four

 Sport Fishing FRESH 

Costa Rica is home to more than 100 world-record catches. The oceans are rife with Pacific sailfish, blue marlin and mahi mahi, while fat snook and tarpon populate the river mouths. Fishing varies in each region according to season, but something is always biting in Costa Rica every month of the year.

 Sport Fishing  

“One method of growing popularity is kayak fishing. Kayak fisherman fish from sea kayaks in an attempt to level the playing field with fish and to further challenge their abilities. Kayaks are extremely stealthy and can allow fishermen to reach areas unfishable from land or by conventional boat.” Recreational fishing describes fishing for pleasure