One Day from Drake Bay

By Boat:  $85 To San Pedrillo; $95 to Sirena:  Write us with party size, dates, and destination to reserve now, or inquire.

One Day from Drake BayFrom the town of Agujitas in Drake Bay, the trail south to the San Pedrillo Ranger Station located on the northwestern boundary of Corcovado National Park is 18 kilometers in length and includes some of the most spectacular coastal scenery anywhere.  Since the road ends in the town of Agujitas, this whole stretch of coastline is accessible only by foot, horseback, and by boat.  It is a full eight-hour hike just to reach the park.  Along this spectacular coastal stretch are located a large number of eco-lodges ranging from humble tent camps that start at around $55 per person per night all inclusive to world class sumptuous resorts that command daily all inclusive rates of $500 and more per person per day for deluxe accommodations. 

All of the Drake area lodges offer one-day Corcovado tours to either San Pedrillo or Sirena.  These tours are accomplished by boat transport to one of the two ranger stations.  Typically, the lodges composite several guests and are able to bring down the per person cost of a guided full-day tour to around $85 per person for San Pedrillo and around $95 per person to Sirena.  These excursions get underway from the originating lodges at around 7:00 a.m. and return at around 2:00 p.m.    Transit times from Agujitas are around 30 minutes to San Pedrillo and 50 minutes or so to Sirena, depending on motor horsepower and conditions at sea.   All tours include lunch, drinks, a fully outfitted bilingual naturalist guide, a sea-worthy skiff and captain, and all the necessary safety equipment and maritime electronics and communications equipment.

One Day from Drake BayThese one-day guided excursions are arguably the most accessible means to experience Corcovado National Park without the commitment of a multiple day trip.  Because access is by boat, the excursions are also not physically strenuous and are accessible to visitors for whom rigorous exertion may not be appropriate.  Also, because of the popularity of the excursion and the larger group sizes, these excursions are also relatively inexpensive.  By contrast, consider that to contract a boat to travel to San Pedrillo and to wait all day alone costs around $350.  Add in the cost of a tour guide ($150), permits ($15 per person), pack lunch ($10 pp).

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